A Vivisection of Milda’s Creativity

VOCIFEROUS got a great opportunity to interview a talented young Lithuanian born, Germany based photographer/artist, Milda Bandzaite where she shares her creative mind, her view about the world, and her opinion on apocalypse.

Flipping over your portfolio, I see dark, misty photography, but at the same time I am also caught with your War in Vietnam drawing. So how will you define yourself? An artist, a photographer, or…

Thanks for the compliment! Well, for me art has no borders; most creative process happens only in my mind and only less than 6 per cent of it will ever be expressed in real works. For some ideas it is easier to use photography, for others—canvas and paper with colours or ink. I see myself as a very small invention in the entire universe.

How was it all started until you form the voice of your own like what is reflected in your work? Talking about AIWS (Alice In Wonderland Syndrome), and what you want people to see from you…

Good question. I started painting when I was able to hold the pen and brush. I always knew that I want to be an artist. Later I have developed to use camera and come to understand that seeing the world through lenses is very interesting.

All my life I’m searching for who I am. But I don’t know. I just put my visions, hopes, minds, dreams and nightmares into my works. I have no concrete expectations about how people should see my works. Everyone is free to choose their way. It’s wonderful if it gives someone something to think about.

Where do you usually find inspiration for your work? Are there any specific figures (other artists/photographers), books, music, or films that are your favourites and later influence you?

Whole life is an inspiration. You just need to look around and you can get a lot of ideas. Simple feather can give you thousands to think about.

Every single person who had entered my world left something to think about. I can’t tell if a famous writer A. Camus or unnamed person who gave his last piece of bread for a starving dog inspires me more. If you look deep into everything, you will find what you are looking for.

I do not search for inspirations, I do not search for people, I just let life goes by.


Could you tell me a bit about how your creative process is? What role does internet play in your creative process?

All my life is a creative process.

Sometimes I get into very secluded creativity phases: at that time I forget the rest of the world. Only me and my works exist. I do not remember that I need to sleep, eat, or do other things. I just create, create and create—put a part of my little world into my works. Also I love to listen to the same song during those periods.

Internet is a very good tool to find information or communicate with other people. We are lucky to have possibility to find all needed information fast and easily, that’s the way internet can help me. But to me, it has nothing to do with creativity itself.

Finding your work in the midst of other inspiring pieces in Drawing Autism got me thinking, whether you also have concerns about social issues and what messages actually you want to deliver. Could you explain about it?

I want to live in a better world, with no pain, no wars, no suffering, and no slavery. I would like people to start thinking about what is happening in the world and do not ignore all the taints. Even simple actions can help and make our world a better place to live.

For example, War in Vietnam is showing how people are being used in war—they do not think at all. The leaders tell them to kill and they are going to kill like machines, they believe it will bring peace and enemies are just enemies without personalities, feelings and families. But it can also be a metaphor of life. How people are trying to avoid their own choices and minds, someone told them things and they believe it’s the only truth. They are trying to ignore the facts and voices by closing their eyes.

So let’s talk something a little bit personal here, how do you go from an autistic child to a talented artist/photographer? How art has helped or changed you?

Inside I am always the same. There never was a turning point.  Autism is a part of me and because of it I am the person I am. I have no idea how world would look without it and whether I could do things I am doing now. Maybe I would be an ordinary person who goes to office from 9 to 17, watches TV after work and loves shopping. I don’t know, and to be honest I do not want to know. Even when sometimes it is hard to deal with autism, I’m happy to have it. I’m happy to have art, it is one of the things I really can trust.

With rapid development of creative industry and increasing number of young adults and even teenagers start creating projects on their own, what do you think about the trend? Will it also influence you and your work?

It looks like a good thing, people have a place to use their energy and minds instead of using drugs or alcohol or just wasting time by messing around. And if those projects have a great message to send to the world, why not, they have my support. But it has no influence for me or my creativity work. : )

I have also just recently seen/read your work covering a concert, and your work definitely has that journalist potential!  What is it that you want to continually do and which areas you still want to explore?

I’m not sure which areas I want to explore in the future, I never plan those things: they just happen to me. I have never planned to go to a concert like a journalist, but it happened thanks to my friend who is the owner of that magazine. We will see what will happen in the future.

Our whole life is like a theatre where people are trying to play their roles. Sometimes it is funny and fascinating to observe it. So sometimes I let myself to play a little bit, too. I can be anyone I want: an artist, a photographer, a journalist or someone else. And everyone can do this, too. Because if there is something you really want to do, you will always find a way.

Lastly, as VOCIFEROUS is now discussing about apocalypse, what is apocalypse for you? Have you ever had apocalyptic vision? Or perhaps something else apocalypse-related you want to share?

So for me one of the worst scenarios would be people live without any empathy and compassion for other living creatures. Even now we are living in a kind of continuing apocalypse where people think only about themselves and forget that others have feelings and wishes, but  they will always remember to fake niceness and courtesy to them. People have power, they can fight back. I do not like living in the fear of what others would say or think or doing nice things just because we are supposed to do this.

But majority of people do not care about other creatures at all. We used to use animals as our slaves—slaves to feed and to entertain us.

My apocalypse is living in a circus which involves animals and all human beings. If I would be the only one who is against slavery and unnecessary tricks just to entertain humans, I wouldn’t survive. In philosophical point of view, everyone’s death is an apocalypse for him. You don’t know if world will continue without you, maybe this world is just a creation of your imagination.

One of the apocalyptical visions which is most likely to happen: humans are destroying themselves. And it looks like every day we are coming closer and closer to that. People want to own everything, but they do not want to share with other living creatures or give their part to the nature…

See more of her creative works or collaborate with her through AIWS.