Do You See Yourself in These?

Though it might scare the hell out of us, just to imagine the imbalance state of human lives approaching the time, apocalypse serves as an inspiration jolt for creative minds. For it does not merely about destruction, at some closer observations, apocalyptic condition renders the core humanity values. You might want to rehearse your emotional state before the actual event happens.

Void, ruins, catastrophe. This world has an expiration date and the contemplation circulates around that this year could probably be the end. Here are some apocalyptic art not only for the sake of viewing but also thinking. As it will be a fantastic, unforgettable yet shocking experience to have, the apocalypse is also a reflection about our life. Life is short, our time is limited, so don’t waste it.

These two pictures are from a photographer named Albert Puntí whose project is actually about time travel. A man travels to the future to see what is left of his works on earth. The harsh reality showed how tangible objects will go into decay, reminds us not to seek materials only, but also to enrich the soul within.

This one is a comic first published in 1981, depicts a post apocalyptic condition where men slowly disappear. Earth is inhabited by other species and everything man has created crumbles down.


And this is the opening of Melancholia, a film by Lars von Tier that portrays a more literal visualization of how the Earth is going to be crushed. Depressed and dark ambience colour the scene with beautiful surroundings captured, let us enjoy the magnificent ending process of the Earth. Nothing to worry about because no one can escape from it.


*image sources: Romantic Ruins and Web Urbanist