Paraphrasing Fashion in Apocalyptic Vision

To talk fashion is to talk narrative pieces. From the galactic prints that resembled the magnificent universe to tough-dark looks that entails dystopian earth-y situation, there is a red thread connection among some of the collections that forms one jolted apocalyptic scenario.

Galaxy. The beauty and mystery that surround the earth are manifested in Christopher Kane’s Resort 2011 collection—one reminiscence of widely attractive stars, planets, suns, and other universal components. Within the seams there are remembrances of peaceful, limitless space of the universe where humans occupy only a small fraction of it.

Shaking. Christopher Kane unfolds a bitter Mother Earth reality: explosion. In a pre-apocalypse condition, this could take place where the stability of the ground is shaken. From redness in the sky to smoke that soars up high, there lies danger and captivating colour composition in volcanic activity. Imagine the world we live in releases such massive power, the lava crawls out from its resting place and cracks civilization.

War. In a far from violent way, Topshop Unique presents a handful of military inspired pieces that involves some boxy silhouettes. The rebellious spirit combined with toughness, wrapped in a not so feminine aura is carried through the clever use of leather and proper cut outs. After the catastrophic recondition at Kane, the society is stirred in a pretentious war—physical and emotional one. The worst is about to happen.

Masking.  Distant and anxious, use of mask as protection from disease and air pollution remarks the falling of earth. Alexander Wang portrays somewhat a dark ages, with sharp tailoring and insidious face cover in the latest Fall 2012 show. Perhaps he images some kind of cold and severe fall/winter—the one that brings the earth closer to the end.

Rise. After the massive destruction occurs, the new breed of species arises. Not the one like what appears after Noah’s Ark, this one rises from the darkness. Ann Demeulemeester shapes her signature in hardcore leather and cutting with jet black and cobalt blue as the palette. It remarks one post apocalypse civilization, the sophisticated yet tough and mature creatures.


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