Sculpting Galaxy

Through ages artists have sourced their inspiration from the nature and the unending beauty of our surroundings. Setareh Mohtarez chooses to pour her galactic vision in form of neatly structured dresses that take unusual imagery path.

Creativity knows no limit. And so does Setareh Mohtarez. The NYC-based designer toyed with the idea of galactic and nature prints which resulted in Brightness Dawn Collection, the one that presents her the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize. Through bold shapes and vivid colours, the collection vigorously brings the sky nearer as if it is drawn on the dresses. How Ms. Mohtarez relates the enchanting swirls and stiff curves of the dress with nature appreciation is one interactive fashion to remind us of abundant mystery the Universe owns. A more important note, the Antwerp Royal Academy graduate has just started her path with the birth of her label. Sculpting galaxy is surely a lucky charm that grips apocalyptic view closer.

*images belong to Setareh Mohtarez.