The Apocalyptic Tune (part two)

Following the first mixtape that could possibly be your companion through the hard times, the second part of apocalyptic tune from Ncis continues the mixed emotional state of humans to further extent.

“When we dance we want the music loud. We give you heaven and hell.” Hear the drums, Thy time shall come. This time the chained melody of apocalypse carries roller coaster mood swing, with some toned down tunes in between the chaotic and upbeat arrays. The darker conscience mode of the overall mix ends with a picturesque song about life, wrapped in one easy listening song. Enjoy.


1. Placebo – Song to Say Goodbye
2. The Killers – Four Wind Cover
3. The Sounds – Dance with the Devil
4. Mew – Apocalypso
5. Rilo Kiley – Close Call
6. Marcel Thee – Street Haunts
7. The Smiths – How Soon is Now?
8. Joan Osborne – One of Us
9. She Wants Revenge –These Things
10. R.E.M – Losing My Religion
11. The Killers – Shadow Play
12. Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
13. White Lies – Bigger Than Us
14. Brandon Flowers – Crossfire
15. R.E.M – Imitation of Life

*featured image is from here.