Apocalypse (Non) Survival Tips

What could fit better than some survival tips to close our apocalypse journey? Make sure you prepare your to-do pad and start planning the counting down actions. Yes, we are looking at the end of an era.

Your time is probably limited by now (Supernova is coming! Brave new world is around the corner!) so without further ado, here are some things you have to do when the apocalypse comes:

1. Say “I Love You” and really mean it

Though expressing love has become a “ritual” we witness in films and TV, or even in our own life (someone’s death, for instance), clearly saying it and letting that special one who means the world to you knows is still one priority. And when your time is ticking, enjoying the love can help you going through the pain. It can really be with anyone you love—parents, siblings, neighbours do count. So stay with them to say it or prepare any means of communication if the one you love is far away. Actually, what about doing it now?

2. Meditate, or if you are unable to do it, sit back and relax

Even in the most chaotic moments, try to have a moment with yourself. By meditating or relaxing, you can think clearly and save yourself from doing something malicious. Try to forgo your heaviness and fear, and just enjoy your own presence. The apocalypse comes and it will also soon pass. Sometimes a song like this one can help you through.

3. Breathe

While you still can… Enjoy the Oxygen.

4. Forgive or apologize

Don’t go dying before you can do these two. Send your apology and forgive those people in the past that have hurt you. What’s better is also to let them know—say it to them or text them, therefore both sides can finally make peace. Because there are too many people wish for world’s peace but they haven’t made peace with their closest ones. So the timing before apocalypse is surely the best one to do so.

5. Eat, sing, and dance

…and perhaps pray. The point is, free yourself. Eat whatever you want to eat, sing the songs you always want to but never do because people say you cannot achieve that high notes, dance where everyone (or no one) can see you. It is your moment, until the massive catastrophe destroys you (us). Be yourself. Sooner. Don’t wait.

You can always prepare yourself for gadgets and necessary skills to face the real apocalypse, or even to build some kind of bunker and shield your house with various protectors. But do not regret once you cannot do these five things anymore when it is done, because we will never know how our Earth is going to turn out. Enjoy your moment.


*image is from here.