Into the Wild

No matter in what age you are right now, blissful adventure to somewhere unknown is definitely a must in one’s life—not to brag about it, but to challenge yourself and (hopefully) enrich your grasp of the large world you live in.

Leave it to Christopher McCandless, the college graduate who gave everything he had to embark on an ambitious journey, to give a decent meaning of what “wild” actually is. Seems as determined yet naïve young adult who found no peace in the life stages he was set to, Christopher fulfilled his passion for living in the real jungle without money or accommodation support. He ditched his possessions while later he had to work for just sufficient amount of money to help him through. Unequipped and alone, there are several reasons why we should consider being someone like him.

Firstly, it stays in our blood that humans are thirsty for adventure. How do you think you can end up where you are now if our ancestors haven’t travelled from Africa to every other places in the world? They travel. But you do not have to take this literally. Start thinking of your version of “wild”—whether it is new job, new friends, new postcode, or as simple as new hobbies, the key is to move to somewhere unknown. And remember, the bigger risk you are willing to bear, the bigger result you can gain. The further away you walk, especially from the situation which has caught you in, the greater the impact on you.

Another argument to make you start thinking about your own journey is that you are small and the world is big. You have to use your limited time on earth wisely by discovering new places you have not known before. Knowledge is power, so when you gather the information, experiences, and even new relationships, you will come out more powerful than before. Don’t forget as well, that at times, unknown territory can be advantageous and failures can lead to better place.

Lastly, this world is already full of boring people. You need to make your existence count otherwise you end up “just like everybody else”. Are you afraid? Great. You should be afraid because this is where it gets challenging. As Christopher encounters memorable, charming individuals to help him keep going, you will be expectantly more open when you are in unknown spaces. There is where your journey starts and crafts you as a better individual. So start packing and be prepared to run.


*image is from here.