It ain’t a Journey without Good Tunes (part one)

Music is a celebration of life, one solid companion of yours through both the rocky and smooth roads. In this month’s mixtape, Ncis greets you with a dynamic assortment of tunes as your good company. You are indeed never alone, we enjoy the road with you!


“And to the shadows we are statues, to depths of the ocean we are fish, moving without motion we are ghosts, but in a room without a window we found truth, know that journey can be like weathers, summer is a liar, spring just like a fool, and winter is just too cruel. They sometimes make us think there’s a hole between you and me that pull us together, maybe some journey just meant that way, grew upon bad sun.

But hey? Life is only once, why spend it with regret? Maybe we have forgotten all the things we’ve done after all. But look at me I turn out alright, this is just a journey. Don’t you worry because the road will eventually lead you somewhere. Celebrate and keep your head high!”



1. Cat Stevens – Wild World
2. The Album Leaf – Always for You
3. Tears for Fears – Break It Down Again
4. Bag Raiders – Way Back Home
5. The Killers – Shadowplay
6. The Bravery – Bad Sun
7. New Order – Regret
8. Andy Grammer – Keep Your Head High
9. The Killers – Joy Ride
10. The Embassy – It Pays to Belong
11. Gypsy and The Cat – Time to Wonder
12. Duran Duran – Ordinary World
13. Lighthouse Family – High
14. Miami Horror – Sometimes
15. All Saints – Pure Shore
16. Frou Frou – Let Go
17. Angelo Badalamenti & Orbital – Beached


*image is edited from here.