A Short Inspirational Fashion Journey

It is no big surprise that the overall madness of one creative visionnaire to the other varies widely. This time let’s take a short trip with some of the emerging names in fashion industry to observe their inspiration and hopefully come up with our own.

Season comes and goes, trend fades and re-emerges. The world of fashion is itself a journey, from where there were only a handful of experts to where new names constantly show up. It is furthermore, not only a matter of new designers’ emergence, but also the matter of location. The infamous four cities—Paris, London, Milan, and New York, in no respective order, have been the centre of fashion movement for years; each gives births to new names and incredibly talented fashion pioneers. Now other parts of the world start to awake as well, spill their creative emotions and pour it in well-constructed collections.

The Spring/Summer collection is usually about crisp palette, floating materials, and subtle prints. These four designers, however, take a trip on their own:



The mixture of couture and sporty approach is achieved with combining material layering and innocuous cutting, Serkan Sarier, the designer takes an inspiration from one unusual figure: John Ninomiya. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard his name, as Ninomiya is a Mylar balloon enthusiast, who attempts to fly himself using helium filled balloons. Remember the movie, UP? This is a slightly different version of it.



As designers are also artists, Doo.Ri Chung, the lady behind the brand smudges her collection with inspiration from the birth of Art Nouveau. As one reaction to the highly academic art in the late 19th century, the movement of art which introduced wider and bolder form of it breathes through Doo.Ri collection. Still spilled with light draping and watercoloured prints, Spring/Summer is her canvas of art.


Romance Was Born

This Australian Label does love theatrical show and they do not hesitate to do so. As if it isn’t clear enough, the designers, Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett interprets the (woman) superheroes we can only see in comic books into reality. Burst of colours and shout of prints are the main destinations.


Mark Goldenberg

The recent graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering, Israel is inspired by birds to create his couture pieces. With structured silhouette and pertinent details, the passionate designer takes a step further to translate the bone structure of birds and combines it with his interest in taxidermy.

*image sources: style.com, Vogue Australia, and Goldenberg’s site