A Chronicle of Limitation, Creativity, and Dream

Days turn to nights, dawns turn to dusks, how many of us really live the way we crave to be? VOCIFEROUS youngest contributor (till date), Dio presents us with a dose of sarcastic truth combined with heavy loads of contemplation in reacting to dreaming in today’s modern society. Push and thou shall receive.

Limitation is a mere concept. One of those that comes to us, breeds thoughts of which we ought to force ourselves to believe in what others make of us, and not what is right. We are faced with condescending statements of facts and fiction that do create an alternate thinking path for us and sabotage our human well being.

Later, questions litter our perfect little mind: “Does fear play a role in life? Do we all ask ourselves the same question?” The confusion drowns us to become unsure of what we might not achieve. It elongates in patterned forms—they shape us and our questions. Limitation again comes in and folds our conscience.

As a nemesis to limitations, humans run to a thing called creativity. The only state-of-art canon Man has. Creativity enables us to push our boundaries… bla bla bla. To be honest with all of you, such statement is 100 percent correct though it highlights situational irony. To come to think of it is monotonous. It sounds precisely like a textbook statement, it lectures you about creativity. So, yeah pushing it (outside)à. But what does it mean? | Another limitation. | What? Not again. “Push our boundaries”; “Creativity”, very complicated.

Ultimately life is flexible. In a perspective, limitations can be “pushed”. We CAN make ourselves into whatever we want without limits. The inspiration to do that comes from ourselves, but if we can psychologically wipe out limits or labels that people put on us we will be able to think further. Maybe not, for some who resist.

But why make all this fuss about creativity and a simple concept such as limitation? Because we are humans, we all long for something, a goal.

To talk about creativity is another argument. How much can we use of what is given to make something extraordinarily awesome? Again, Creativity is very relative. A speck on a piece of canvas can be worth millions of dollars to some and nothing to another. Creativity bases on the expansion of a thought to become something else in the same form. But it captures your brain in such a way that it is unusually and peculiarly enjoyable and tricky.

Yes, limits and creativity. Both when enhanced produce a very good overview of life. But why make all this fuss about creativity and a simple concept such as limitation? Because we are humans, we all long for something, a goal. To speak of it in an imaginary way, a dream. These 2 things are essential for creating a dream, not to necessarily achieve it, but to build it. To expand, to explore new things, to form a new concept that satisfies our wants. Dreams can come in all forms and they have no limits. Yeah that’s right, no limits.

Question number one, do you have the guts to push your limits to achieve an imagination purely beyond something you have ever thought of before? Dreams have to be creative, to be enjoyed; a plain dream is a car without its wheels, a waterfall without water. Question number two, how creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ are you, to construct a big and unrealistic dream, which is rational and reasonable but at the same time an extraordinary one? Dreams form life. You cannot feel pain before you are stung. You cannot build a building without a plan. You will not know if you do not try to know. The correlation among creativity, limitation, and dream is indisputable. Push your limits and creativity. But remember, dreams are a form of hallucination, something you think about. Dreams do not exist, theoretically. How bad do you want them to exist?

Text: Dioputra Ilham Oepangat
*image is from here.