Pixar, Guitar Heroes, Jurassic Park, and All in Between

Buried under hours of “reality”, this edition’s contributor, Jonathan, rekindles his long-abandoned fancy dreams and lists them along. Thinking of joining?

Have you ever wake up one day and felt like daydreaming? Despite the common reaction of “it will blow away” more often than we are aware of, this feeling when we are floating, imagining every accomplishment people say it is impossible for us to do never really leaves our head. It is simply shelved back temporarily by our priorities in life (Work, School, Life, Love).

But every now and then, this feeling will craw back to the top of our mind and just swirl there, swimming in our thoughts, creating a pool of scenarios of what our life should have been. This is the moment where our mind stops resonating with the reality and sails away into our own little island where we possess all things that would make our life complete. While realistic people might have the benefit of keeping their feet on the ground, they have no place to run away or escape from “real life”.

The dreamers, instead, will always have a little island for themselves where everything is simply, perfect.

As those pretty little bubbles should be treated with tender and care, as well by sharing them with the right person who also treats the fanciful thoughts the same way, below are the things that I posses in my little island that I wish to earn without all the hassle and struggle. Because we are talking about dreams not goals. Dreams are allowed to be unrealistic and theoretically impossible. You can dream about owning a laboratory to create larger than life sea monsters to fill the Indonesian ocean just to see the look on those scientists, unrealistic? Perhaps. But that’s another story.

  1. Speak 25 languages (just so that you can specifically ask and understand what exactly is their “specialty” around the world).
  2. Come up with songs like “Yesterday” , “Smells Like Teen Spirit” , “Heal The World” and “White Christmas” then combine them into one album (because specific genre for a band is so 21st  century).
  3. Befriend Mark Zuckerberg and persistently insist to be the one who financially supported the early days of “Facebook” (Sergey Brin & Larry Page are second).
  4. Become Head of Creative for Pixar then relentlessly persuade Disney to make a full movie of “Uncle Scrooge Life” (talking about 2 hours editorial cut of his life, Titanic style).
  5. Have my very own skyscraper with my name and logo on top of it (influenced by Tony Stark from “The Avengers” not Donald Trump from “The Apprentices”).
  6. Come up with a replacement for cigarettes; same feeling but it actually makes your breath so clean as if you just dip your head in Listerine.
  7. Have my very own cooking show, since cooking shows meant you know more about cooking than your next door über-proud Cantonese/Korean chef. (derived from college life of harshly eating spaghetti on daily basis).
  8. Build the first flying car that runs entirely on salt water to overcome Jakarta’s epic traffic (because solar power meant midnight date could end up bad).
  9. What happens to Guitar Heroes Series? That is the best weekend activity you could ever have. Ever. To have all the best and most popular songs made available for download, Chinese sweatshop style (imagine all those people sitting down on a long table, but instead of shoes and bags, they are busy creating four levels of difficulties for four types of instruments for Moves Like Jagger)
  10. Jurassic Park. Period.

Text: Jonathan Judhianto.
*image is edited from here.