Wake Up, It is Your Time to Dream

One pleasant dream and we wish to have more. This is the story when dreaming is no longer the property of the unconscious only, but also of those wide awake personas. It is only when we wake up, we can ferociously dream.

Though commonly perceived as a projection of our secret desire and imagination as we sleep, dream contains other component in it, the one that does not come to a halt when we are awaken. It can be said as a softer, easier approach to dream, rather than translating symbols that appear in our dreams as we sleep to something more meaningful. For that matter, you can diligently refer to Sigmund Freud’s Die Traumdeutung (The Interpretation of Dreams). For this matter, however, you would want to take some time and breathe.

The dream we can have when we are awake is simply our deepest, utter passion.

When you are stuck in your job, study, relationship, or else, you can always refer to that dream and measure things from there, understand where the oath takes you to. The dream also the reason you wake up every single morning: to make it happen. Discovering it is not a simple business, either. For a lot of determined individuals, they are knowledgeable of what they desire. For some, they might know what they want, yet they have not had the sense of accomplishment to it. The road is not yet favoured, causing the feeling of dissatisfaction regarding the current state.

But there is good news.

One distinct characteristic of dream is that we have full authority to alter it. We are also entitled to stir it to where we want to. What cannot be lied to is simply this dream, the passion we are blessed with, what our heart desires. This is where perseverance, strength, and commitment equip us, as our passion emulates us to achieve. Later, the dream will not only be a blurry image, strange imagination, or vivid projection—it will become us. We are the dream. And we are living it right now.


*image is from tumblr.