An Allegory to Edginess

Unusually simple and straightforward, three talented ladies sat down with VOCIFEROUS to talk about their jewellery line, called ROPE and the ideas beyond. You can most definitely blame them for lusting over cement around your finger.

On building ROPE…

We started off as classmates and initiated a group project. We never realized that this can go beyond a mere university thing as we are overwhelmed with the positive response.

ROPE is thus developed steadily, once begun by using rope as the material, now it is extended into endless possibilities. We are indeed keen on experimenting. Cement, copper, and brass are among some we have emblazoned.

Inspirations hit us from anywhere, mostly from songs and discussions. We brainstorm, we sketch, we play with the ideas. Adjustment is also a regular, for instance when we planned to braid the rope yet we had to do it the other way.

ROPE initiators: Jane Odelia, Nathalisa Octavia, Bianca Carmelita

On designing…

Experimental jeweler is what ROPE does. Being experimental is our signature. This time might be acrylic, next time who knows? We permeate this no-signature-material identity every time people ask, “Why do you keep on changing the product?”

Limited. For each concept we only produce several pieces, and then the production comes to a halt. Later we proceed to the new concept. We want ROPE to be exclusive.

Our favourite collection is Crystalised. We were inspired by kaleidoscope and rolled around the form and structure of it. We use copper and brass and combined them with resin for the center part.

For our collaboration project with Identité, we created “Neutral Ground.” In this collection, colourful cement is utilized to be shaped geometrically and mixed with transparent acrylic to make it appear as if it floats.

On the future of the brand…

We are studying product design, so it contributes much to ROPE in terms of process, knowledge, and even types of material. The upcoming step is to improve the quality, as we are producing the items ourselves.

It is our happiness when people like ROPE products. With the developing local creative industry, there will be more and more people who appreciate products with better quality.


Text: Gabriela Yosefina 
Special thanks to: Bianca Carmelita, Nathalisa Octavia, and Jane Odelia
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