Couture, A Dream Parade

Carefully crafted, with a healthy dose of aesthetics and fine craftsmanship, Haute Couture does not sell us clothes. It sells a fashion dream.

Or more, Haute Couture collection provides us, either fashion enthusiasts or street walkers, with a reminisce of beauty that beholds in both perfection and flaw. This season (fall, it is) the sparkling runway is filled with bodacious shapes that entice the audience with slightly kinky imagination. Then why is it essential for us to notice? Because it offers us the proofs that boundary is human-made. Limitless dreamy vision is always welcomed, especially on the Haute Couture stage.

On a Byzantine dream// Elie Saab

Elie Saab women are the elegant, vulnerable ones, adorned for their distinct taste in body hugging dress that reveals just the right amount of skin. The Byzantine Empire influences the designer this time, who pours the extravaganza obscurantism in soft lace and gold embroideries.  Enabling the ladies to be as graceful as they are and leaving the gentlemen drool.


On an avant-garde dream// Maison Martin Margiela

Words are insufficient to describe the brilliant bizarreness that belongs to the Belgian designer, Margiela who constantly experiments with whatever he finds interesting. He may swirl a fresh sheet and calls it couture, but this time the track he infatuates aims to bring the vintage objects he loves to the clothes he designs. A kick of psychedelic and fineness, the collection leaves a wide enough room for interpretation.


On a nightfall dream// Armani Privé

Though the word “dream” and “night” are somehow synonymous and closely related, the drive that brings Armani this time is indisputably fresher. Imagine a strong, independent woman who are free to express herself, even in masculine outfits. She relinquishes her charm with little effort. Let it be the classic yet flattering silhouette of the pants or the intriguing face accessories, night has never been so magnetic.


On a gypsy dream// Givenchy

One of the most awaited collections in the Couture season is no other than Givenchy, with that inexplicable air of coolness and surprise elements depicted in each season. The earth tone colours the collection this time, with contemporary gypsy style as the inspiration. When sci fi and wild life marry, is perhaps another fitting title for Tisci’s creation this time. Sleek evening dress, or other piece with intricate details is definitely worth to float in the modern woman’s dream.


On a Russian dream//Ulyana Sergeenko

A newcomer this season is the Russian street style darling, Urlyana Sergeenko who dares to challenge the Parisian old players with her own take of Russian beauty. Floor length skirts embrace country variable, make the woman who wears it look as if she has just returned from her time travel. As exquisite as they are, the clothes save stories, most probably from Sergeenko’s grandmother–in a good way.

Text: Gabriela Yosefina