Dreams, Captured

Tingling melancholy images flash wounded, fragile soul. Other vivid illustration series infatuate awkward sides of a man. Which dream are you into?

It is not weird at all to talk about weird dreams. Once in a while our active brain parts swirl to a different territory, the one outside what “normal” people call “normal.” May it be us stranded in the wildness or us killing someone.  Anything can happen in a dream. Talk about foggy and ethereal environment. Talk about tranquility. Talk about sexual pulse. When most of the society members consider it to be so unclear they opt to forgo the memory, the creative tribes retreat and produce artistic token out of it.

On a dream sequence recorded in a diary, Vaka Valo, an artist whose identity is not yet revealed presents unsettling images of one’s dream. Utilizing household appliances, the artist pictures human interaction that blurs the line between dream and reality.

In surrealist vision and pale tone, the illustration comes disturbing yet reassuring. We might have experienced things as such; a result of unconscious brain showing us the part we are perhaps too afraid to see when we are truly awake.

Being not completely the opposite, Rhi-Ellis gathers coldness and exclusion in her photography, projected in the bluish tone of the final product. It feels dreamy and calm, as the photographs look as if they hold something  remotely close to the viewer.

She manages to make us crave for jumping straight into the photos and never come back. Aloneness turns out to be just fine when you are too busy wandering in the nature.

Let your artsy side stay true in your unconscious moments. Later, embrace the morning you deserve.


Text: Gabriela Yosefina
*images belong to Vaka Valo and Rhi-Ellis.