Melody for the Soul Remedy (part two)

Because realizing a dream is not suicidal, it is a bravery. Through the rocky roads and unstable surfaces, hope goes along the way, at times in the form of entangled tunes, leaving us energized. In the dream state we trust, Ncis’ tunes oblige.


All of us have had that shattering point, the absolute darkness that leaves us with no option but to fight back. This time, the installment of music mixtape is aimed to grab your hands in your feeble state and ask you to get up. Dance. Keep the dream alive. Opened with soothing yet optimistic songs and the dream goes on to a more upbeat groove.

Here compiled 17 kinds of anything you can dream about.


1. Angus and Julia Stone – Santa Monica Dream
2. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks
3. Dan Hartman – I Can Dream About Yo
4. The Whitest Boy Alive – Don’t Give Up
5. Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream
6. Foster The People – Helena Beat
7. Liam Finn – Jump Your Bones
8. Duran Duran – Leave A Light On
9. The Naked and Famous – Punching in A Dream
10. Calvin Harris – Flashback
11. The Sounds – It’s So Easy
12. The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
13. Morrissey – Alma Matters
14. Tears for Fears – Mad World
15. MGMT – Time to Pretend
16. Phoenix – Lasso
17. Van She – So High

Mixtape: Haritsah Suryo Tutuko (Ncis)
Text: Gabriela Yosefina

*featured image is from here.