Nostalgia Project

You are invited to VOCIFEROUS’ trip down the memory lane. In this ongoing series of nostalgia, each and every one can submit a picture of places or persons that yield longing feeling and stark memory at either best or worst times.

Derived from the word “nostos” –return home, and “algia” –longing, nostalgia brings the sense of reminiscing the past in a melancholy way. Not this time, though. As a quote puts it, “Life must be learned backward but lived forward,” VOCIFEROUS wants to celebrate the best and worst memories in a way that we have learned our lessons and prepared to embark on a bigger journey.

NOSTALGIA project is a group hug. That means anyone can participate by sending a picture of a place or a person or even an event of their life, along with a little history behind it. Whether it is about love, family, or even unfortunate events, every story is valuable, thus appreciated. It is the ideas, inspirations, and initiatives that matter.

If you are ready to let the world know your story, deliver the memory package to Discussion is always enabled via @VOCIFEROUSmag on twitter.

*This project is ongoing and open for anyone  until December 2012. Wordings can be either in English or Indonesian.