After Dark

Who would have thought that the substances of joy are principally the same with the substances of sadness? It discovers its way to the trembling bone and fills the sensorium with tremor in a very humane way. Furthermore, both gives birth to a better self. 

Joy and sadness. Up and down. Inadvertently, there is no such thing as perfection. Life has been designed that way—constantly changes, for the worst or for the better. Prepared or not, the unfortunate events are days behind, as well as after, our gleeful moments. That we know, since we are born to this very earth.

The common conception of what good times are and what bad ones are taught across cultures. We have always been taught that good day equals to sun and bad one equals to rain. Our ancestors plant the idea of evil inside darkness and angel swirling in light. Red is thus a celebration and black symbolizes death. There are values translated and believed through experiences a person has at every stage of their life, defining what constitutes excitement and what correlates to negative emotion.

We cannot deny feelings.

But we have the ability to acknowledge how we feel toward certain occasion in our life, and when we are not comfortable with what we feel, simply put it aside. “This is negative energy.” Then just leave. Do not attempt to alter it into fake smile, just assure yourself that it will not affect you any further. Meanwhile when the soul cannot take such elementary understanding, we ought to revisit the value of happiness. The beauty in life, everything of it, lies essentially in the happy days, but will we know what does it feel to be happy if we never deal with sadness?

The preemptive darkness at some stages of our life does appear frustrating and torturing in the beginning. It is the moment when we feel empty or lose our hope on a better situation. When it strikes, then the best tactic we can apply is only to enjoy it. Comprehend deeper the darkness, grasp its meaning—the desperation of it. You may ask why.

A simple truth is that human’s understanding of something can be liven up after s/he experiences the opposite. When we are aware of darkness and eventually appreciate its existence in our life, we can thoroughly enjoy the light. Love can be celebrated fully after undergoing the series of pain. How is that so? Because we can appreciate each and every thing better during those depressing times. A thing called maturity that is formed through the hard road. Therefore, next time you are surrounded by darkness, do not be panic. It is only a matter of time and heart determination, that by the end of the tunnel, a blazing light awaits.    

Image: Mr. Wu
Text: Gabriela Yosefina