Blossoming Dusk

The floral bloom may not transcend the cold weather of winter, but it survives on the fabric—printed beautifully to construct ethereal wardrobe. Welcome to the flower division, where the joy of spring blends with the darkness of winter.

It was not a thoroughly bleak winter after all. In the region where flower blooms throughout the year and the sun releases its warmth relentlessly, the word winter yields nothing but longing of snow. Fashion then drives the spirit of tropical further to a gloomier state, for the past Fall/Winter collections accommodate summery feel with each own interpretation.

Fashion East’s Kinky Takes 

Pouring in the pinks all over, Fashion East interprets the garden on silk while toys with various print combinations. The silhouette, though, is palpable, fuses together the minimalism and kooky piling such as shirt over bodysuit and blazer over shirt dress. Quite a literal attempt to bring summer over.

Erdem’s Romance in Bleak Disguise

Erdem clearly does not waste the abundance of flowers in his design archives. Still imaginative and feminine, the fall season highlights a mysterious side of the bloom, with everything in darker palettes dominating. Sharp cutting and fabric play wrap the whole collection tidily.

Preen’s Gardenia Heroine

Mixing the butterflies in the print, the floral fantasy of Preen takes us to the literature references of heroine. Adopting bright and light approach, with playfulness of sheer and velvet for the footwear, the style pretenses leave no mark of coldness.

MSGM’s Experimental Playfulness

Despite its toddler age, MSGM proves that brilliance of colours and proportions are not linear to years of experience. The Italian designer buds the sweetness of spring to the fall pieces, makes the quintessential of cheerfulness alive. Adorned with quilt and bell silhouette outerwear, the vibrant collection flashes forward to summer without abruptly pushes it.

Text: Gabriela Yosefina