The Tempest is not A Trap

When an artist depicts her personal journey into an exhibition, an adult playground is born. The invitation is from Syagini Ratna Wulan, who constructs a house that demands us to choose our path and get lost in the mixture of playfulness, despair, intrigue, and romantic moments.

Imagine 100 locker boxes, white and numbered, stand before your eyes. In your hand is a cigarette, also numbered. The instruction orders you to open the exact locker with the same number the cigarette has. From then on, the continuation of your journey belongs only to you: to determine where to go. Prepare to be surprised as each locker holds surreal object—it may also hold your own story.

It is a 2-year-compilation-work of Syagini Ratna Wulan, known for her otherworldly interpretation and unique material usage, composed altogether by Agung Hujatnikajennong, a curator, exhibited in Ark Gallery, Jakarta. The first encounter is initiated by Hujatnikajennong, who yielded interest to the artist’s work called Concealing Series. It consists of photographic images of concealing objects in two dimensional form.

“What you see is never what you get.” A project between the two then begun, assembling pieces of complicated human layers in the form of symbolizing objects and words that will arouse curiosity out of the viewer. Although it mostly comes from Syagini’s personal experiences, it was narrated randomly, letting the visitors choose the story continuation and create their own version.

What could feel better than obtaining full power over every crossroad in our life? The exhibition exposes us to the vulnerable parts of human life–love, lost, death, self discovery, and birth of happiness. All is concealed behind tangible visual with the interpretation left to the eyes’ beholder.

The winning formula is thus that over the fragile moments, we can still decide and move on to another locker. This is where an emotional whirlwind and wild interpretation are encouraged. Because it is a playground after all, where joy of playing tantalizes actual wound and hope.

Photo & Text: Gabriela Yosefina

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  1. Exhibitionnya keren nih. Tempatnya dimana Gabb? Bandung ya? :P