Island Flavoured, Island Favoured

What equipment will you bring with you as a companion if you are heading to an island? Ray D’Sky composes a whole new survival kit in his new album, that probably, the only equipment you need is an open heart.

The formula to stay alive is thus an arrangement of groovy tunes—catered for a life in an island; something that can transpose anyone to a laidback ambience beside the sea. Aray, so he is called, is much inspired by Gili Trawangan, an island in Lombok, Indonesia whilst he developed this second album. Though the theme is not essentially new, the raw and honest voices presented result in sort of peaceful, joyful feeling. Like having a strange thing that is familiar altogether.

From appreciation of the nature beauty, to a tough-love lyrical tune, to positive messages spread all over, “Dreaming Dreams,” the name of the album, generates the precise meaning of the title. An inception? It might be. The endless dreams are alive through the songs that offer us to experience life afresh. The album is also cooked to represent Aray’s new chapter of life, the one that can also inspire us to jump into our own chapters.

Who would have thought that joy can be this simple?

*find more about Ray D’Sky here.

Image: tumblr.
Text: Gabriela Yosefina.