The Joy of Doing Nothing

In an era where time is measured by money, would doing nothing still be considered joyful? VOCIFEROUS claims yes.

Busy, busy, busy. It has been a stereotype of a successful businessman: gadget in hand, walking fast, and serious faces. Our modern society unconsciously deems busyness with success, because when you are fully occupied that means you spend your time productively. It goes without saying, that by spending more time at work, the worker will bring home more money. Although that is not necessarily the case.

The truth, of course, hurts. As people involve in a busier scope of work, especially when they do not love what they do for a living, they lose an important piece of humanity. Something called quality time. Whether the time spent alone or with family or even strangers, quality time becomes a break people yearn for. That is a moment when life improvisation is enabled—enjoying the time we have in our hands for unexpected encounters.

Sometimes, even, it is only when we dare to do nothing, we are free to do everything. This time, no dismay.

In a constant pursue of filling the time with “useful” activities, even when we do not work, doing nothing is viewed as a form of laziness. This is a result of the ever escalating challenges and needs in life that require humans to be productive, even when they are outside work. Sitting around or spacing out feels like a waste. Some even prefer to name it procrastination.

Nevertheless, doing nothing and letting the mind wander by itself are both impactful retreats. When the brain is too crowded with worries, thoughts, and problems, a break is the medicine. Because when in a relaxed state, people can see clearer and think better. Inspirations will come rushing when the need to find inspirations diminishes. Still, a doubt may slip in. Why? Again, the working ethic of the society life pushes us to be occupied all the time. It is only when we liberate ourselves from the time boundaries and enter a doing-nothing territory gladly, we can find peacefulness. Sometimes, even, it is only when we dare to do nothing, we are free to do everything. This time, no dismay.

Text & Image: Gabriela Yosefina