Close Sound from Afar (part one)

A memorabilia from the future might sound unreal to us, but Ncis packs it sweetly in his future playlist installment. A self discovery? Not yet. He said, “It is time to enjoy the disco without –ver.”


So you might hear synthesizer in the background, or a vinyl spin elevates the beat. That poise of sounds comes from VOCIFEROUS very own music contributor, Ncis, who brings back his music-clopedia exuberantly. Future, so it is called, gets polished treatment in his bend of time. You will hear that this playlist allows the future to sip the taste of both past and present: little disco beat, little dark electronic, little rap manifestation. The formulation results in such a way that the final product resembles both nostalgic feeling and contemporary wisdom. All are concluded in the universally understood language: music.


  1. Mitch Murder – In The News
  2. Lotus – Middle Road
  3. Hadouken! – Stop Time
  4. STRFKR – While I’m Alive
  5. Pillow Fight – Get Your Sh*t Together
  6. Robert DeLong – Basically, I
  7. Strange Talk – Cast Away
  8. Blitzkids mvt. – Mirror
  9. Karin Park – Restless
  10. Alpines – Got Me Wrong
  11. Mr. Kitty – Detach
  12. Mitzi – Like It Was
  13. STRFKR – Atlantis
  14. Steed Lord – New Religion
  15. Daily Bread – The River
  16. SX – Midnight Tour
  17. Shiny Toy Guns – If I Lost You
  18. Blitzkids mvt. – Blinded
  19. The Egg – Catch
  20. Kavinsky – Protovision

Playlist: Haritsah Suryo Tutuko (Ncis).
Text: Gabriela Yosefina.

*featured image belongs to Nothing Mind.