Who are You, Future?

Your wish to know more about future is granted. Forget palm reading or prediction chart, VOCIFEROUS sat down with the forthcoming period to dig deeper about what it means to be the very next second.


On a calm afternoon, between two cups of coffee—one hot and the other one cold, VOCIFEROUS wished to extrapolate the future of humanity over a discussion with the future thyself. What looked like two humanely beings discussing things passionately was actually a process of unlocking a labyrinth.

It seems really hard to be you, having to change every second.

It definitely is! At first I was having difficulties adjusting myself to my own nature, until I realize that I am not alone. Everything, even humans themselves, are changing all the time. No rebuttals.

Indeed. The complication begins when humans are resistant to change. Or when they become obsessed to change everything. Don’t you think?

Now that you have mentioned it, I believe the problem is the change itself anyway. It can be about transformation, shift, evolution, modification, well, there are too many to define. We simply assume that the change we are talking about are the same with the others.’ The so-called change turns to be subjective, thus further elaboration and action are necessary. Probably the next question is, why should we be on a same page about change? Why can’t we be indifferent and proceed to transform without considering other aspects?

This conversation with you is potentially leading nowhere…

That is, unfortunately, my point exactly. The word “direction” is nonexistent in my dictionary.

Why is that so?

A simple explanation, really. Humans persist too stubbornly to steer their future while the universe, with its unending space of the unknown, saves a bigger force. Big enough to leave us wondering what the next day will bring. Paradoxically, the universe’s force is also energized by humans’ passion and effort. It can undoubtedly work on its own, but even the smallest, tiniest fraction of the universe matters. Hence, direction becomes meaningless, but passion and effort protrudes me efficiently.

Humans persist too stubbornly to steer their future while the universe, with its unending space of the unknown, saves a bigger force.

How well do you know humans, then? They seem to be dependent and hopeful when the topic is about you, although a lot of them act like the future does not exist. As if you are not there for them.

I should ask first, who are humans? They are visibly there, roaming around just like another organisms. I have to be honest here, that I myself are having difficulties differentiating humans and other living organisms, besides their appearances. What embodies a person, what makes them human, is a mystery. Humans define themselves, re-define themselves, discover themselves. A wholeness of human is for me undecided, because their cultural upbringing signifies something else. That probably, a person is a byproduct of a collectiveness that comprises of nature and culture.

A person is limited in which their being has already narrowed down to man and woman classification (biologically) yet they are susceptible to the environment, and to their own complication. To say that I know humans well will be an overstatement, because my interaction with them can also be categorized as unstable. Like you say, some wish I am not here.

Humans define themselves, re-define themselves, discover themselves.

But you are…

I am. Along with the past and the present. We never settle, we always travel together.

Do you know where you have been and where do you go?

Like I have said before, “Direction does not exist.” Sometimes we overlap each other, sometimes we are so far apart. However, our position is not something you can simply point to. We are destined to live inside imagination, inside perception. What past means to you might not mean past to others. Again, that is another matter of high subjectivity.

If humans can put whatever value they can to perception of time, i.e. you, why does it seem that they hold similar values? Let’s say that the common “rule of thumb” is that a person should undergo an education then jump on the career bandwagon, before settling down for a monogamous marriage. Maybe certain culture views life differently, but this “modern” conception seems to bind everyone.

A better question is, who creates such values? Humans usually say, “My parents,” but it is not entirely correct. To say that such way of life is passed down from generation to generation will not also be correct. I witness it myself that each person, no matter in what age they live, has a drive. Or more than one drive. These drives, especially the one to survive, pertain until now. The desired objects and actions, however, have changed in each period. What humans inherit are merely the drives, with their dynamic with other people influence their way of fulfilling the desires.

Humans tend to go through the similar path because they have created it themselves. For example, who say that you have to work? Humans. Who say that education is important? Humans. It is their spell, bounding their lives, and they are the one to break it. A suggestion from me is only, beware of the freedom. You have to fight for it. If it is given, you are not really free. You are merely entitled to be one.

Lastly, what should humans expect from you, dear future?

Very simple. The future is blank. Go fill it now.

Text: Gabriela Yosefina.
Image: Taken from a photography project of Adrian Limani, that captures surreal objects in a light bulb. Photo via.

*This interview is inspired by a nifty discussion with Hizkia Yosie, a researcher, a belief-destroyer, a life questioner.