What’s Now and What’s Next

This space is maybe a little quiet, but not for long. VOCIFEROUS founder speaks out.


When Miley Cyrus sang the song “Best of Both Worlds,” I was still a naïve adolescence believing that you can rock different worlds at the same time. It turns out, you really have to sacrifice one world to live well in another. And at the same time, Cyrus has gone from teenager role model to modern culture provocateur, the culture where sex stands at its core. This article, however, does not attempt to ponder on the new commercial image of Cyrus or any other teenage celebrity gone to adulthood, but rather the reason why VOCIFEROUS has come to a state of stagnancy.

And funny enough, that particular reason is money. Running the site takes energy and at times, money, and at the same time I am working at a full-time job to fulfill my monetary needs whilst hoping to harness my writing/journalism skill in a fully professional scene. It turns out, the job itself has taken far more time and energy I was ready to give up for, although leaving it is not an option for now. In return, this space is somehow neglected.

There is also another factor regarding where VOCIFEROUS is actually heading to. In my utopian fantasy, I merge the aspect of culture, technology, art and social values to build a place that nurtures liberal thinking. It wouldn’t necessarily be mine only but instead, this publication can extend its reach to interested communities and individuals who have similar spirit, concern and fear. I sincerely want us to explore, comprehend, digest various themes and eventually give birth to a better future, a future that pays respect to the past and reforms the present. As intangible as it sounds and as complex as it seems, starting off small and easy is probably the best option I can take.

I personally hope that one day, hopefully in immediate future, VOCIFEROUS is thoroughly active, ready to venture to new cultural territories. Working full-time for this site means genuinely living the dream, with plenty opportunities and flexibility for collaborative efforts. Until then, I am continually reassuring myself that money is just mere object.

Text: Gabriela Yosefina