You can sit and enjoy how magnificent your iPad is. You can browse through Zara’s ubiquitous lookbook and feel the urge to grab that rad blazer. You can get your groove on driving the latest Mazda. You can be perfectly happy with your current life, you can struggle making money to have luxurious life.

 It is always an evolving world, the one that can give you whatever you want—and sometimes, can make you want something you have no idea existed before.

But there is one thing that isn’t available anywhere.

Mind liberation. And that is what VOCIFEROUS is all about.

The publication

Derived from an English word that means blatant, a word that is used to describe someone so persistently delivers their argument, VOCIFEROUS is a self-initiated publication that utilizes online platform to voice distinct thoughts and engage readers to think more critically towards everyday situation in life.

Built up on a one (wo)man’s show, the publication is destined to belong to the readers as it still proceeds gradually. The principle of published articles here is quality over quantity, where stories can discuss things in the past, present, or future, aiming to break free from zeitgeist pressure. The articles are meant to be read any time and you can most probably still relate to it.



It is possible for basically everyone to contribute.

Simply hang around In this Issue tab to get a brief about the current theme and flip over some articles to get enticed, then sound your ideas to hello@vociferousmag.com. Discussions about themes, ideas, and upcoming stories are definitely possible before you submit your work.

Bear in mind that the spirit of VOCIFEROUS lies in shifted highlights, how the articles pinpoint ideas, inspirations, and initiatives instead of tangible objects.

Any written or image works and ideas pitch are welcomed, where the published work will be protected under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



For any inquiries, offers, introduction, or a hi simply shoot an email to hello@vociferousmag.com

For editorial related matters i.e. contribution and ideas exchange, direct it to editorial@vociferousmag.com



VOCIFEROUS is founded in March 2012 by Gabriela Yosefina, who is currently the Editor in  Chief of the publication. The publication is at the moment based in Jakarta, Indonesia, though it is not necessarily limited by its geographical position. Everyday contact will be made possible through the extensive use of digital features: email and twitter. The follow-follow back business is on @VOCIFEROUSmag.


*photo is from tumblr