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The poisonous bastard is named money.


Although for the past six issues we have been talking about timelessness and lifelong etiquette of living exuberantly, the seventh theme of VOCIFEROUS is triggered by bitter truths that people take MONEY into serious account in every field and a worsening world economy condition in general.

Over various stages of life, money has always been a factor in focus. On the day we are born, we need money to survive. When we later progress into a graceful adult, life perception over money is unfortunately stagnant. People are still bundled by endless problems of how to make money, how to spend money wisely, how to appropriately ask for more money, how to manipulate the use of money, and the list goes on.

Therefore let’s talk about something outside the harsh economy and money slavery.

Our exploration will involve several opinion pieces which spot the shallowness of modern society who overvalues or undervalues someone’s worth, the seemingly unbeatable power exertion thanks to abundant money, and an emergence of free society. Never to be abandoned, the artsy side of our seriousness. Find here the music, art, and style of everything monetary. This time, you do not have to put your dough anywhere, just a liberated thought needed.

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Happy thinking!

Gabriela Yosefina (@gabbyosefina)
Editor in Chief


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