Past Issues

7th issue: MONEY


The poisonous bastard is named money.

Although for the past six issues we have been talking about timelessness and lifelong etiquette of living exuberantly, the seventh theme of VOCIFEROUS is triggered by bitter truths that people take MONEY into serious account in every field and a worsening world economy condition in general.

Over various stages of life, money has always been a factor in focus. On the day we are born, we need money to survive. When we later progress into a graceful adult, life perception over money is unfortunately stagnant. People are still bundled by endless problems of how to make money, how to spend money wisely, how to appropriately ask for more money, how to manipulate the use of money, and the list goes on.

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6th issue: FUTURE

120620 Berndnaut Smilde

Does the future belong to us?

“The universe is an amazingly fickle and eventful place and our existence within it is a wonder.” (taken from A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, such a gem!). That humble yet slightly disparaging statement based on the fact that the Earth we live in is just a little dot in the middle of unstable universe brings us to this discussion about the time that is not here yet, a.k.a FUTURE.  Contemplating how our future will be has been encouraged since early on—in class, in family conversations, in amiable discussions with the closed ones, juggling among the love and settlement issues to the apocalypse. We pour so much efforts in the present to design our future accordingly, although it never settles because changes are always after us.

Therefore, within this first issue installment in the second year, VOCIFEROUS, thus, simply wishes to capture the limitless possibilities of the future whilst embracing something more important: the present. Starting with something called future gravitation power to technological issues that never seem to halt, spanning from something infinitely personal to the whole human race dynamics, an issue of future will be narrated wishfully.

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5th issue: JOY


Happiness is a state of mind.

It sounds cliché yet undeniably true: we are the ones who are fully in charge of our own happiness. I was utterly disappointed with my then-state of life, unemployed by choice—since I decided to jump into the world of writing, when I created VOCIFEROUS. I have to admit that I was partly compulsive, partly hyped during that time. Being a solo fighter.

One thing that keeps me going is the joyful feeling. VOCIFEROUS has not been out for a long time but I am most definitely filled with excitement every moment I do something for this. As if it is meant to be. The relish of VOCIFEROUS has found me in my denial and subliminal state, yields only pure JOY.

Therefore issue #5 that will close the year 2012 talks everything around JOY.  It is little to enormous substance of feeling that makes the heart grow fonder. A warmth inside your soul signals it through your fluctuating heartbeat. Joy, is when you find the light after pitch darkness.

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4th issue: ROOT

It all comes down to the root…

I was sitting in an unmoved car due to Jakarta’s regular traffic jam when I saw a line of freshly cut trees that left them with nothing but the massive, strong roots. It stroke me then, and now, that ROOT serves an essential role, that one cannot survive for root is feeding the plant. This edition aims to bring together various perspectives of what roots are, be they are identity, foundation, or source of food, as well as elaboration of how roots affect our everyday life.

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3rd issue: DREAM 

“Dreams have only one owner at a time, that’s why dreamers are lonely.” Do they? DREAM itself is both conscious and unconscious, the one occurs when we sleep and the one circles around our mind and heart—the destination we aim for.  Yes, the premonition of being alone scares a lot of people, yet I can guarantee that if you dare to dream, you will not feel alone. Why?

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2nd issue: JOURNEY 

Blessed are those who continually find themselves plan a journey to another. JOURNEY is an experience, a movement, a getaway, but on top of all, journey is actually a process. We undergo the journey of life–perhaps crawl ourselves from the bottom of corporate ladder, settle down at certain points in life, or go in a roller coaster ride of love.

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1st issue: APOCALYPSE 

APOCALYPSE is a contemplation state of human kinds that captures the rage, the fear, the excitement, the desperation, the calmness and all different aspects of humanity. During thirty days or so find the quirky aspects, intriguing subjects, and sometimes, just a simple thought on various apocalyptic vision and humanity confusion. From an interview with artist, music mix, runway collection, to book reflection, welcome to the END.

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